quri_parts.chem.ansatz.particle_conserving_u1 module#

class ParticleConservingU1(n_spin_orbitals, n_layers)#

Bases: ImmutableLinearMappedUnboundParametricQuantumCircuit

Parametric quantum circuit that conserves the number of particles.

Note that this circuit conserves the particle number and spins only if the state applied to is represented based on the Jordan-Wigner transformation.


P. Kl. Barkoutsos et al., Quantum algorithms for electronic structure calculations: particle/hole Hamiltonian and optimized wavefunction expansions, Phys. Rev. A 98, 022322

See also PennyLane’s documentations, qml.ParticleConservingU1

  • n_spin_orbitals (int) – Number of spin orbitals.

  • n_layers (int) – Number of layers \(D\).