quri_parts.chem.utils.orbital_rotation module#

add_orbital_rotation_gate(circuit, qubit_indices, param_fn)#

Add four-qubit spatial orbital rotation gate \(\textrm{QNP}_{\textrm{OR}}(\phi)\) that conserves the number of particles.


Anselmetti et al., Local, expressive, quantum-number-preserving VQE ansätze for fermionic systems, 2021 New J. Phys. 23 113010, DOI 10.1088/1367-2630/ac2cb3

See also PennyLane’s documentations, qml.OrbitalRotation

  • circuit (LinearMappedUnboundParametricQuantumCircuit) – LinearMappedUnboundParametricQuantumCircuit that the orbital rotation gate is added to.

  • phicircuit‘s input parameter.

  • coeff – Parameter coefficient.

  • const – Constant for out_params of linear mapping.

  • qubit_indices (Sequence[int]) –

  • param_fn (circuit.parameter_mapping.ParameterOrLinearFunction) –

Return type: