quri_parts.itensor.sampler module#

quri_parts.itensor.sampler.create_itensor_mps_sampler() Callable[[NonParametricQuantumCircuit, int], Mapping[int, int | float]]#

Returns a Sampler that uses ITensor mps simulator for sampling.

quri_parts.itensor.sampler.create_itensor_mps_concurrent_sampler(executor: Executor | None = None, concurrency: int = 1) Callable[[Iterable[tuple[NonParametricQuantumCircuit, int]]], Iterable[Mapping[int, int | float]]]#

Returns a ConcurrentSampler that uses ITensor mps simulator for sampling.

For now, this function works when the executor is defined like below:

>>> with ProcessPoolExecutor(

… max_workers=2, mp_context=get_context(“spawn”) … ) as executor: