quri_parts.openfermion.utils.add_exp_excitation_gates_trotter_decomposition module#

add_exp_excitation_gates_trotter_decomposition(circuit, excitation_indices, params, operator_mapper, coef)#

Add parametric Pauli rotation gates as a product of the exponentials of the excitations to the given circuit.

Return type:


create_anti_hermitian_sd_excitation_operator(excitation_indices, operator_mapper)#

Create an anti-hermitian Operator according to the assigned index.

  • If there are 2 excitation indices (i, a), it creates the Operator for \(c_a^{\dagger} c_i - c_i^{\dagger} c_a\).

  • If there are 4 excitation indices (i, j, b, a), it creates the Operator for \(c_a^{\dagger} c_b^{\dagger} c_j c_i - c_i^{\dagger}c_j^{\dagger} c_b c_a\).

  • excitation_indices (chem.utils.excitations.SingleExcitation | chem.utils.excitations.DoubleExcitation) –

  • operator_mapper (openfermion.transforms.OpenFermionQubitOperatorMapper) –

Return type: