quri_parts.qiskit.circuit.transpile package#

class quri_parts.qiskit.circuit.transpile.QiskitTranspiler(backend: Backend | None = None, basis_gates: list[str] | None = None, optimization_level: int | None = None)#

Bases: CircuitTranspilerProtocol

A CircuitTranspiler that uses Qiskit’s transpiler to convert circuits to backend-compatible circuits, convert gate sets, perform circuit optimization, etc.

This transpiler converts NonParametricQuantumCircuit to NonParametricQuantumCircuit just like other transpilers in QURI Parts though the conversion of the circuit to Qiskit and vice versa is performed internally.

  • backend – Qiskit’s Backend instance.

  • basis_gates – Specify the gate set after decomposition as a list of gate name strings. The gate name notation follows Qiskit.

  • optimization_level – Specifies the optimization level of the circuit.